10 Benefits of Exercise Physiology

10 Benefits of Exercise Physiology

Working with an Exercise Physiologist will change your life

Although many people have heard of, and understand, the word physiology, few people have heard of or even know of, an Exercise Physiologist (EP).  If you have, it is typically associated with people who have severe illness.  EPs are highly educated health professionals who use exercise as a treatment tool.  However, exercise physiology is not only used to treat chronic disease and illness, it is also used to plan and supervise programs for elite athletes, weekend athletes and sedentary athletes.  Exercise physiologists support people across a huge range of health and fitness needs.

10 Benefits of Exercise Physiology – why working with an EP will change your life!

1. Education

Not only will you discover parts of your body you never knew existed, you will also learn how to maximise them. Aiming towards eventual self-management, EPs teach you the skills to move efficiently and effectively

An Exercise Physiologist is not necessarily a Personal Trainer. We will not get you out of bed for a 5am appointment and shout orders at you!  You are the leader of each session.  We are your guide and support team providing expert health advice.  But ultimately, you make the final decision by implementing our recommendations.

2. Experience

Like any other allied health professional, we have a four year Bachelor of Applied Science degree and undergo a number of internships which provide a wealth of practical experience.

3. Hands off approach

Unlike other allied health professionals, we teach you to manage your condition through exercise and other proactive management strategies. This gives you a greater sense of control over your body and a sense of accomplishment when you succeed.

5. Evidence-based

Our strategies are derived from rigorous scientific research. We do not follow fads or the new ‘in’ thing. We use proven scientific reasoning to justify our actions.

6. The voice of reason

When it comes to exercise we are often our own worst enemies. We see exercise as black and white.  We are either busting our boiler religiously, or doing nothing at all!  When starting out on an exercise program we often do too much too soon and end up injured.  It is common for men to forget that you last played footy 20 years ago and your body is, perhaps, not as agile as it once was.

7. Sensible exercise prescription

Yes we prescribe exercise much like your GP prescribes medication, except the side effects of exercise are well known and documented, and very few are negative.

8. Speaking of medication

Exercise is important for many of the body’s systems. Why not try exercise as a treatment modality before your medical condition requires medication? This is what EPs are trained for.

9. Technique

It can make or break an exerciser. Good technique can optimise performance, minimise pain or injury, and help you become stronger, faster. Many exercise techniques are steeped in historical prejudice but may have been proven as unsafe, or contraindicated for some people.

10. Medical conditions

People living with medical conditions should consult an appropriately trained professional who is knowledgeable about their condition. Medical conditions are not limited to those such as Type II Diabetes, but include other conditions such as pelvic floor issues, lower back pain and injury recovery to name a few. There are risks in returning to normal activities following illness or injury without first engaging in an appropriate rehabilitation regime.

These are 10 reasons why working with an EP will change your life, but there are many more.  If you have not explored the option of being treated by an Exercise Physiologist, maybe today is the day to make the decision to change your life for good.


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  1. Taylor Hansen March 27, 2020 at 6:17 pm - Reply

    It’s good to know that exercise physiology focuses on technique to minimize pain. My brother has been having a lot of knee problems and is wondering if exercise physiology would be beneficial for his recovery process. Thanks for the tips and I’ll share this with him as he tries to find a physiology service.

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