Epigenetic health coaching, what is it?

Epigenetic health coaching, what is it? 2019-07-29T02:49:05+00:00

At Fluid Health Co. we’ve recently added another powerful tool to assist our clients achieve their highly personalised ongoing health and wellbeing goals.

Epigenetic health coaching What is it?

We now provide Epigenetic Health Coaching – but what is this?

To start with, Google tells us, Epigenetics is

“the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.”

Google 2019

It is often believed genes inherited from our parents are permanent and unchanging. While this may be the case for some genetic expressions such as eye colour, it is not the case for all of our genes.

Some genes adapt to our environment quickly, such as the ones which respond to changes in temperature. Others can be slow to change such as those responsible for chronic diseases such as type two diabetes. This information shows us environmental stressors can have an impact on our genetic expression both positively and negatively.

Until now, genetic testing has been expensive, invasive and can take a long time to analyse results and once results arrive, it is difficult to understand their meaning and how that can affect your lifestyle in real-time.

There is now a platform which brings all the epigenetic research together that is affordable, easy to access, easy to test, and results are calculated instantaneously – and we have this platform, here at Fluid Health Co! 

Through this platform, your results are delivered in real-time and adjusted according to changes in your body, your phenotype, your location and the season. This platform not only provides detailed information about your body type but also your neurobiology (the way you think), your chronobiology (the timing of your day), recommendations about specific foods, the way you exercise, socialise and more.

Once you see your life through this lens you can’t go back! This platform will help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are, how you like to work, what is your genius (natural talents) and when you are best in productive flow.

This understanding gives you permission to be yourself and to do the things that resonate with you, which is incredibly empowering. Good epigenetic health now transcends the basics of diet and exercise to a much higher level!

Once you have access to your individualised profile, we are here to coach you through your transition phase to living true to your biology.

To assist everyone in adapting to the epigenetic transformation, we have developed three discounted packs: The Freedom, Lifestyle and Flexibility packs.

These packs include:

  • Your own unique epigenetic profile
  • 12 weeks of concentrated sessions with Fluid Health Co.
  • 12 Month membership to Epigenetic Health platform and app
  • Fitness assessment and reassessment
  • Exclusive access to our private Facebook group
  • Options to continue beyond 12 weeks
  • Private health cover under Exercise Physiology
  • Full support from Fluid Health Co.

Good health is much more than diet and exercise. It’s a complex interaction of environment, family and friends, lifestyle and work. Join us and learn how to optimise all these aspects of your health; to switch off genes which contribute to chronic disease and switch on the ones that contribute to good health.

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