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For our first Christmas party for Fluid EP we enjoyed an afternoon of Barefoot Bowls at Sandgate. The weather was fine and the competition was both fierce and hilarious!
Initially the bowls rarely found their way to the desired location, but as the evening progressed and we all improved so much that it was hard to descipher a clear winner! So the winner of the day was barefoot bowls itself! The weather was perfect, the food deliscious,  and the company awesome!

Thanks to all who joined us to make it a fun afternoon!


The Positive Change Challenge (PCC) is starting TODAY, 1st September! We want to inspire you all to make those small changes to your life that you know you want to make! To us, it doesn’t matter what those changes are! It could be more movement in your day, or making healthier choices around your food, or sitting quietly for 5 min without technology. Whatever it is, this is YOUR excuse to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

JOIN US ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE for the next four weeks as we delve into different topics around change!

This year we are focusing on SELF! Yes, you may think that this is a little SELFish (hehe – see what I did there), but I can assure you that change will only happen if it comes from within! Each week we will bring to you some thought-provoking education around SELF-AWARENESS, SELF-COMPASSION, SELF-ACCEPTANCE, AND SELF-EFFICACY.

The best part is… It’s all FREE! It won’t cost you a cent! We only ask two things from you:
1. Give it a go
2. Share your experiences

When we share we give others permission to share! It builds a sense of safety and inclusiveness! It is this type of culture we want to encourage everyone to make these small changes!
So please make the time to join us on this inspiring journey!