How Much Should I Exercise?

How Much Should I Exercise?

Doing any physical activity is better than none so, how much should I exercise?

Nothing can be truer than this statement! Those who are currently inactive have the most to gain from doing any form of activity.

Sometimes getting started seems very overwhelming and almost impossible at times. Often we are limited by pain, injury or poor health, which then makes being physically active so much harder. Even small increases in activity – up to 15 min per day have been shown to make considerable improvements in overall health and all-cause mortality. In fact, research suggests that those who exercised on average 92 min per week had a 14% reduced risk of all-cause mortality and 3 year longer life expectancy than those who didn’t do any exercise on average. 15 min per day might seem more feasible and achievable for many people.

To follow on from this guideline is another statement:

More is better than less

This indicates that the more active we are, the greater our health is in general.

If you are currently inactive, you need to start at the beginning in order to increase your activity safely and successfully, however, once you have started you need to gradually increase your activity up to the recommended amount per week (more on this later).

Having a team of supporters who have your back will be the best thing you can do to get you moving. Seeing an Accredited Exercise Physiologist from Fluid EP will help get you started – successfully and sustainably.

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