Self Acceptance – Positive Change Challenge 2

Self Acceptance – Positive Change Challenge 2

Welcome back to The Positive Change Challenge (PCC) is designed to inspire you to make small changes to your life that you know YOU want to make!

Firstly – Review your progress so far – How did you go?
Did you notice a few things about your behaviour or thought patterns with the focus on Self-Awareness?

Please feel free to share your thoughts/experiences on our Facebook page.


Now, we delve into self acceptance and how, by taking this step, we can let go of anger and frustration and, free ourselves to move FORWARDS in life!

I ❤ this Ted Talk by Michelle Charfen as it is so real in all of its raw parenting goodness!
How can we teach the next generation self-acceptance unless we show them how to do it in ourselves in the first place?

Wisdom to help you on the Journey

Adequate. Valid. Suitable.

These three simple words. So easy to say of others. So hard to say of ourselves.
This week try to perceive yourself (and others) as adequate, valid and suitable. See if this makes a difference when working towards your positive change.

Take a moment to listen to Brendon Burchard about (more than just) why self-acceptance doesn’t suck!
I love the idea of letting go and being free of the struggle.

What do you need to let go of in order to move forwards?

Now, repeat after me:📢

I am enough.
I AM enough.

Might need to get this one tattooed on me!

How are you going? 🌻

How are you going with your positive changes? Have you found that focusing on Self-Awareness and Self-Acceptance has enabled you to clear some of the dust from your brain and helped you gain a greater clarity?

What have you noticed?

Next time – Self Compassion

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