Self Awareness – Positive Change Challenge 1

Self Awareness – Positive Change Challenge 1

The Positive Change Challenge (PCC) is designed to inspire you to make small changes to your life that you know YOU want to make!
These changes are personal to you and could include – more movement in your day, healthier choices around your food, or sitting quietly for 5 min without technology. Let’s make it happen!
We will focus on SELF as change only happens from within.

There are 4 parts to work through one by one – aiming to bring you some thought-provoking education around Self-Awareness, Self-Compassion, Self-Acceptance, and Self-Efficacy.

Let’s dive in to

Becoming Self-Aware

How aware are you of your own internal chatter? I often say that if we spoke aloud our internal thoughts, we would be mortified by how horrifying they are!

In this Ted Talk, Danielle Brown touches on some really tough issues surrounding self-awareness.
She believes that “we have the power to be the master of our destiny, to the maker of our demise”.

What makes you believe in yourself?

“Self awareness allows us to adjust our behaviour to something more productive. It’s the 1st stage of our journey to success.”

So, what’s YOUR change?

Step 1

Spend some time (but not too much!) deciding WHAT your change will be. Be specific about it, write it down, and start planning out HOW you are going to make it happen.
With the focus on SELF AWARENESS, start thinking about WHY you haven’t yet made this change and what is it that stops you – is it something practical, a self-limiting belief or someone in your life perhaps?

Only by being self-aware can we start to discover the underlying causes of our behaviours and beliefs about ourselves.

Step 2

Once you had some time to consider it, to make plans about how to implement change and think about how your body responded to the thought of that change.

Step 3

Write it down and put it somewhere you will see it regularly – NOW IS THE TIME to make it happen! WHAT change you are making,
HOW are you going to make it happen and, if you are feeling brave,
WHY you want to make this change!

Wisdom to help you on the Journey

Champion! 🥊

“I hated every minute of training but I said “don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion”.
Muhammad Ali

Warning! Swear words! 🙉

Paying attention to not just HOW we unconsciously behave, but WHY we do it that way is so powerful!
If we take our awareness a little step deeper, we will also hear our internal monologue. Often, that voice we hear is not exactly complimentary!

What is worse is that we BUY into what it says! Because every word of it must be true! #bullshit!

Start your change by recognising your inner critic, acknowledging it, patting it on the head, say thank you and then move on.
Thanks to the Age of Elightenment for this image.

Overcoming Negative Self Talk 🙅

Here are some tips to help you with that negative self-talk (or lizard brain).

With thanks to Inkling Women.

Next time – Self – Acceptance

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