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Many health problems men face can be improved through exercise and physical activity. This may include, but is not limited to, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, prostate cancer, heart conditions, weight and obesity concerns and depression. Men are often reluctant to seek help but just a few sessions of exercise can help them overcome any concerns they may have.


Seeking professional advice from the start is important. Pregnant women and post-natal mums are particularly at risk of ‘overdoing’ or ‘incorrectly doing’ their exercise leading to increasing stress incontinence and rectus separation (otherwise known as rectus diastasis). Seeing a qualified professional helps you exercise safely and confidently in any setting.

Other conditions specific to women, which benefit from specialised exercise advice are osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, anxiety, breast and ovarian cancer and lymphoedema, just to name a few.


People living with chronic pain suffer greatly from physical deconditioning, which often leads to a harmful cycle of poor sleep, decreasing mental health resilience, increased pain and decreased activity. Break the cycle now with the Fluid Exercise Physiology support team behind you. We will work with you to develop a Movement Management Plan (MMP), which can be implemented to reduce chronic pain, minimise reliance on pain medication and improve your physical condition.


Targeted exercise before surgery is equally as important as post-surgery exercise! The stronger physical shape you are in prior to surgery leads to improved post-surgical outcomes. Following surgery, people are often advised to ‘just do normal activities’, but our bodies tend to compensate for our shortcomings and can develop unusual movement patterns, such as limping, which can lead to pain or problems in other areas. Fast track your recovery and strength by consulting a qualified professional EP at Fluid Exercise Physiology.


Exercise has many positive side effects, which protect the body from chronic disease. Finding the energy to participate in regular activity becomes all the more difficult when suffering from a chronic condition. If this is you, we can show you how exercise can affect your condition, both positively and negatively, and what exercise is likelier to benefit you. It is especially true for people living with inflammatory conditions, chronic fatigue or other unique conditions.



Recovery from breast cancer means learning to be comfortable in your new body. The changes happen so suddenly and so dramatically that people often do not take the time to explore their new boundaries. It will surprise you what you can achieve with the right exercise program. It will also teach you about the role exercise plays in minimising the side effects of conditions such as lymphoedema and osteoporosis.


The side effects of prostate cancer can be severe, but the primary concerns for men are incontinence and sexual dysfunction. Specific pelvic floor exercises can alleviate these. If you are receiving androgen depravation therapy (where hormone testosterone is blocked), you also need to perform weight training and bone impact exercises, which will prevent those dreaded man-boobs and osteoporosis (or loss of bone mineral density). Some pharmaceutical companies provide funding for an exercise program, and are worth investigating.


Treatment for blood cancer is quite intense and the physical side effects incredible. Our personal experience gives us the added skills and knowledge to enhance your recovery from leukaemia, lymphoma or other blood cancers and to tailor an exercise program to your needs. If a bone marrow (stem cell) transplant is planned, it is important that you are in as good a shape as possible prior to your transplant. As you progress through your 100 days, the more movement you can do, the easier it is for you to return to normal activities and hobbies.


These can include, but are not limited to, ovarian cancer, brain cancer, bowel or rectal cancer, bone cancer and other unique cancers. Although there is little research to support the role exercise plays in long term outcomes from these types of cancer, research shows that exercise does improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy, minimises metastasises and increases quality of life. It is worthwhile adding exercise as an integral component to any treatment regime.


Research shows that exercise has many dramatic health benefits for people with cancer. It can preserve or improve muscle strength, fitness, self-esteem and mood (http/ More importantly it increases chemotherapy completion rates (meaning people get the full dose and better odds of survival), it can enhance the effect of chemotherapy, it can minimise cancer cell growth and spread and it can improve long-term survival by up to 60% for some cancers. It has also been linked to improve immune function and blood cell count recovery.


Unless your doctor has instructed you to not exercise, you are capable of exercising. We at Fluid Exercise Physiology work to your body’s ability to achieve a moderate intensity. Your body determines the intensity of each exercise, so you are never pushed beyond your ability. We follow the Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale which is designed so you can tell us the level of exertion for each exercise. You can be confident that our professional skills ensure we prescribe the most appropriate exercise for your body at that time. We understand well that changes can happen in your body suddenly and without warning. Remember that some exercise is better than none, and more is better than less.



Weight training is suitable for people of all ages. It’s ideal for people looking to improve muscle strength, bone health, optimise sporting performance and improve day-to-day functional movements. In the words of Professor Rob Newton (Edith Cowan University, WA) ‘strength = resilience’. A motto we at Fluid EP whole-heartedly believe!


Pilates is suitable for people who want to increase their strength and core stability, but require a modified exercise regime. This type of training is ideal for post-natal women, pelvic floor issues, injuries, and pre and post-surgery. Pilates is often performed on a mat, but to maximise workout benefits, we add equipment to sessions including the reformer, stability chair, Swiss ball and foam roller to name a few.


Personal training is one-on-one, regular instruction for those who want or need more intensive support and supervision. If motivation, lack of time or busy lifestyle is a concern for you, then one-on-one is ideal! We use a variety of exercise forms to ensure you stay interested and committed!


Water-based exercise performed in a heated, indoor pool. Working in a weightless environment is ideal for people with relatively acute pain or who are recovering from surgery such as knee or hip replacement (so long as surgical scars are healed). Hydrotherapy is an important first step before progressing to weight-bearing exercise.


Do you want to improve your performance on the field, court or green? Look no further! Your specific needs are divided into key tasks and analysed according to biomechanical and cardiovascular requirements. An individual sport-specific program is developed to improve your performance. It is ideal for adolescents whose rapid growth spurts can lead to uneven muscle strength and poor flexibility.


If you are tired of carrying extra weight and sick of the rollercoaster ride of ‘weight loss’, it is time to try a proven, evidence-based solution. Consistency is the key. We provide the consistency through support and education. Don’t get lost in the complexity of treatment options for weight loss. Fluid Exercise Physiology can help you get off the rollercoaster!


We prepare a customised plan to suit your needs, lifestyle and schedule. We discuss the many barriers to exercise and work together to find solutions to overcome them. Sometimes it is all you need while at other times you need someone who will hold you to account for your actions. We will accommodate whatever style suits your needs!


We at Fluid Exercise Physiology use a variety of exercise styles to keep workouts interesting. Regular program upgrades ensure that you continue to enjoy your workouts. From time-to-time relapses occur, and this is normal! If it happens to you, don’t avoid us! Speak to us! We can help.


All classes are focussed on optimising movement and improving physical conditioning. Pain and injury management are the first priority, followed by increasing core strength and stability and functional strength. We prepare your own individualised program. We include Pilates, weights, Therabands and functional strength training among others. Mindful movement and technique are always monitored. This is definitely a support group of a different kind!


For women whose bodies have a story to tell despite their challenges, still keep on going! Whether they are pelvic floor concerns, weight loss, health issues, breast cancer or even lymphoedema, this is the class for you!


For all the Superhero Mums out there who take on many personas and body shapes! Every Mum has unique needs and our class is tailored to you! Ideal for pregnancy, post-natal recovery, rectus separation (diastasis), fitness, weight loss or injury management. You will marvel at your results!


For all those men who need a health and fitness shake-up! STOP your doctors and wives nagging! If you have joint pain, osteoarthritis, depression, overweight, high blood pressure, prostate cancer and other men’s health issues THIS IS FOR YOU. Amaze yourself with your new superpowers.


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