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Are you Doing Enough Physical activity?

Accumulate 150+ min of Moderate Intensity or 75+ min of Vigorous intensity Physical activity per week This is where the Australian national physical activity guidelines start to have some substance! Previously we explored how [...]

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Bone Builders

Bones are incredible! People have 206 bones (give or take) in our body which are perfectly placed to create the structure for our upright movement patterns. We often take for granted this incredible system of [...]

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The Black and White of Exercise

While we all know that exercise is important for good health, there is still a misunderstanding in our boarder community about what exercise ACTUALLY is. Generally, we all see exercise as running, going to bootcamps [...]

10 Benefits of Exercise Physiology

Working with an Exercise Physiologist will change your life Although many people have heard of, and understand, the word physiology, few people have heard of or even know of, an Exercise Physiologist (EP).  If you [...]