The Positive Change Challenge

The Positive Change Challenge

The 1st of September is a very special day for us. Not only does it mark the start of spring, but its also the anniversary of a significant diagnosis in the Fluid EP family. Although life is relatively normal now, we still pause on this day to reflect on our journey, and to remind ourselves of all that we are grateful for! The Positive Change Challenge is for anyone looking to bring improvement into their life.

One thing we talk about often is the change that such a significant diagnosis, or a health scare, brings. We all have an awareness of changes we need to make to ensure we look after ourselves, but sometimes knowing something, doesn’t necessary mean acting on it.

At Fluid EP, we want to save you the drama, and encourage you to make these small changes WITHOUT being diagnosed with something nasty! We are happy to share our significant moment so we can all be inspired to make healthy changes. This is what the Positive Change Challenge (PCC) is all about!

We challenge you to make those changes that you have been thinking about, which can be anything from doing more exercise, to eating better and even reducing your stress. Whatever you need to do, we’re happy to help!

For the next eight weeks, we will encourage and support you to make these changes on our facebook page. The best news is this is all free! Here is what you need to do:

1. Decide what changes you need to make! Choose one or two (no more than three) with the highest priority. Make sure that you don’t expect too much of yourself – we can’t all be perfect! So don’t over-commit unless you have a serious plan to back it up!

2. Write down your intentions and make a plan about how you are going to achieve a positive effect, for the long term! How will you know when you have had a win, and most importantly, how will you reward yourself?! Be very specific with this and always have a back-up plan for when life gets in the way (as it often does!).

3. Join us on Facebook on Monday’s and Friday’s to ‘check in’ with how you are going. We would love for you to join the conversation and to be there to support others also.

We look forward to sharing your journey through the next eight weeks!

The Fluid EP Team!



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