Who’s your match?

Who’s your match?

Getting to know your expert of exercise is the focus of Exercise Right Week 2017! So, who’s your match?

In a world full of instant information access and an overwhelming torrent of “fitspo” on social media, it’s hard to decipher fact from fiction. Ringing alarm bells is the complete lack of personalised exercise prescription. YOU, are different to other people, and you should be treated accordingly, but finding the right professional can be quite challenging.

After a conversation with my sister today who complained about Health Professionals “just not getting it” I thought about the importance of having a good relationship with my clients. I have known for a long time that having good rapport with clients is not just important, it is EVERYTHING! If I don’t ‘click’ with a client how likely are they to confide in me and share their real concerns? How will I get to the bottom of a complex issue if communication is stagnant? How likely is this client to return to me if they need it when I haven’t been able to satisfy their needs of ‘being heard’?

One of the reasons I established Fluid Exercise Physiology was to have the flexibility to provide a high quality service in a way that suits me. For me this means longer appointment times, less time ‘assessing’ and more time listening, and having options for those who have financial restrictions. Personally, I find that spending time with people, having a conversation about how certain conditions affect their body and everyday life is much more effective than putting someone on the scales and saying they are overweight.

My ultimate goal is that clients’ leave a session with me feeling better educated, more confident and empowered to move forwards with their health action plan. As far as I’m concerned, I haven’t done my job properly if this doesn’t happen. It is up to me, as the professional, to get it right. Admittedly, sometimes this takes longer. The point I want to highlight is that if you don’t feel comfortable with your health professional, you have the freedom to change. Don’t feel obligated to stay just because… (insert reason here).

If you are managing complex health conditions, you need to rope in a support team of people who ‘get you’. You should be the centre of it, the one who makes the decisions, the one who is in control. When you are in control you are more likely to achieve success. I can always tell when people are in control – they tell me exactly what they want in a session! Of course, I am always more than happy to oblige.

Unlike the information you find on the internet, Health Professionals have degree qualifications in their chosen area of interest. I can tell you now that having that degree gives me a good background to decipher a lot of what you read on the internet, but not all of it! Since graduating, I have spent thousands of dollars (much to my husband’s dismay) on continuing education, and I still feel overwhelmed with how much more I need to learn about these amazing bodies of ours! However, by interpreting research, and applying it to what we ‘know’ clinically, based on experience I am able to personalise a program just for you and continually improve my skills. The combination of great rapport and evidence-based experience is a winner!

To celebrate Exercise Right Week 2017 we are giving our newsletter recipients $10 of a private session to help you get started, or just to ‘check in’ with your current progress. Just mention this discount when booking!


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